Friday, December 5, 2008

OMG Denim Got Into Another One!

Denim - in its own little version of the Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants - is now on its way to steamy Miami! This short film about a pair of jeans is going continental and will next be seen at the Miami Short Film Festival held on November 17-23. Check this fest out at:

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from On the Leesh!

While the On the Leesh team scatters around the New York/Massachusetts area for the holidays, we didn't want to leave before wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Melissa might be checking out the parade this year, so I thought it might be appropriate to put this pic on here rather than a turkey (though I did find a picture of a turkey in a bikini... festive, no?).

Whether you're having tofurkey or the real thing, we hope this year's festivities bring little family stress and absolute deliciousness!

Be sure to put on your stretchy-pants!

Monday, November 10, 2008

On the Leesh Embarks on Two More Short Films

On the Leesh Productions is currently in pre-production on two more comedic short films. The first called, Milestone is a short comedy about what a woman's friends will do to help her through a divorce. The second is currently titled Pet Peeve - a short story about personal growth through dating.

Both shorts will be read tomorrow night at the office as part of an internal invited workshop/reading.

Milestone is not yet cast, but is currently slated to shoot in February in Brooklyn, NY. Pet Peeve is still in its gestation period, so location, cast and crew have not been set yet.

OTL does love short film!

Get 'em in, make 'em laugh, get 'em out!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Denim Screens in NYC

Denim in NYC
Jeff Lycett’s short film, Denim screened for a second time in NYC. This time, it was screened in Tribeca as part of the Gotham Screen Film Festival. Check out the festival at

Denim was screened as part of their short film series: One. This included some wonderful shorts from around the globe. One favorite was from the UK called Daisy. It was directed by Baley Wynn and included Josette Barchillon and Max Abram in the cast. It’s an adorable short romance that was well directed and wonderfully acted.

Congrats to Daisy and thanks to Gotham Screen 2008!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Thanks to the Williamstown Film Festival

The below email was sent to the folks who ran the Williamstown Film Festival. It was written by writer/director Jeff Lycett who's short film, Denim screened there as part of the festival's shorts series.

Being a first time filmmaker, the world of festivals is very new to me. The people at Williamstown were very welcoming and supportive. Not only did they provide a great environment for the screening of my own film, they also gave me open access to other films and made it possible to commune with the other filmmakers. I can't wait to have make another film and I hope they accept me over and over and over again.

many thanks,
jeff lycett
(writer/director- DENIM)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Denim is all over the place!

The short comedy, Denim, written and directed by Jeff Lycett has been making its way cross country at different film festivals.
Check out the list so far!

Denim's next screening will be held at the Miami Short Film Festival held on November 17-23. Check them out at:
Check out this hilarious short film this Thursday @ 6:30 at The Gotham Screen Film Festival (

Denim has been screened at the following film festivals:

The Berkshire International Film Festival 2008 (held May 15-18). Check it out at:
Berkshire International Film Festival.

The New Jersey International Film Festival 2008 (screened on 6/14/08). For more info, go to:

LA Shortfest 2008

The SoCal Independent Film Festival

The Coney Island Film Festival - check it out at:

The Williamstown Film Festival

We'll add more festival information as it comes in!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Film Festival Question

People ask us all the time how do we apply to film festivals? Is there
an order to follow? The truth, it's all a bit of a dance. There are
certain film festivals that will only accept your film if it is the
world premiere, and there are others that won't screen your film if it
has shown online. How do you keep track of all these rules, and
ensure that you don't miss out on a possibility to screen somewhere
while you're waiting to hear back from festivals.

Honestly, it's a hard call, and therefore a personal call. What's
right for us might not be the right choice for you. . Just recently
we were turned down from a festival because the festival was only
seeking NY premieres and we had already screened in Coney Island.
Here's my strategy - for year one, aim big. Target the big festivals
(Sundance, SXSW, Telluride, Tortonto, Cannes, etc) that you want to
apply to and hold on your smaller ones. This will help to avoid any
scheduling mis-steps. For year two, (you're usually given a grace
period of 2 years to apply to festivals), reach out to your smaller
film festivals. Of course, you might know that your film will have a
hard time getting into a bigger festival but might shine in a smaller
festival. Plan accordingly. Mainly it's about strategy and
organization. You can save money by applying early to festivals rather
than waitin

g for their extended deadlines. You can find out more information on
most of the domestic film festivals at

Best of luck!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Watch a few of OTL's short films

Due to overwhelming popular demand, On the Leesh has made two of our older short film - What are the Odds? and The Muse: A Girl's Delicious Daydream About a Dangerous Man, available for viewing on Many of you have asked us to see these films, and we decided not to disappoint!

Click on each project page to load the video. It will appear as the poster logo on the right hand side of the screen. Simply click the poster, and the video will launch.

Enjoy our films, and please feel free to write feedback.

To watch What Are the Odds? click here.

To watch The Muse: A Girl's Delicious Daydream About A Dangerous Man click here here.