Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Milestone Auditions

We've begun auditioning for the 2 characters in the short comedy, "Milestone." Auditions are always so exciting because you (hopefully) get to see varied takes on the words on the page. You get to see the nuances that an actor puts on the script to make it truly their own. It's also interesting to see how many actors make similar choices. It makes the person who makes a different choice really stand out. That said, you'd never want to make a ridiculous choice simply because you figure nobody else will make it as well - that would likely be foolhardy. But it does make me think that as actors, we always have to go deeper than what's simply written on the page. What's underneath the most obvious choice? Or rather, what's the reason for the most obvious choice? Answer that and you might have the uniqueness you're looking for.

We were lucky that everyone came in prepared and with a great sense of play! What a difference it makes when an actor comes in prepared. When you have an actor who's prepared the sides well, you're taken on a ride into the story with them. But if the actor isn't prepared, you end up going on this puttered stop and start with them - into the character, then back into the page and so on...

Scripts are meant to be heard, not read, so hearing everything allowed was so exciting! We have no cast yet, but stay tuned... we're getting there!

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