Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trevor's Big Break


I love many things, but one thing that is extremely high on the list is my love for craft beer.

One of my favorite breweries, “Dogfish Head,” sponsors their very own “Off-Centered Film Festival,” that is held at Alamo Draft House in Austin TX each year. The festival’s theme is the underdog so I decided that I would write a short film about a down-and-out chicken mascot who can’t get any work until he drinks Dogfish head.

On the Leesh was gracious enough to agree to help me produce this fine piece of work, as it would serve as a learning tool for me to become more adept at our process of making a film here at OTL. I would write, direct and be the executive producer, while Alicia and Julie would guide me along the way.

Since I decided to do things through On the Leesh there were steps that had to be taken that you wouldn’t normally do for a home movie. There were SAG waivers to fill out, budgets to make, Writer’s Guild papers to complete and a whole bunch of scheduling and planning.

Many thanks to Alicia, Julie, Matt, Jessie and especially my husband Greg for being in the film today and doing a fantastic job!!! Greg you’re the best Trevor Birdie out there.

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