Friday, March 20, 2009

Great Time at the NYC Downtown Film Fest Screening!

Last night, OTL with some friends, headed to the screening of the short film, "Kung Pow Wow." The NYC Downtown Film Festival's Audience Choice screening was held at the Duo Multicultural Arts Center.

"Kung Pow Wow" was among 4 other great short films. One favorite in particular was Adam Taylor's Dracula Comedy. This short was directed by Adam Taylor and tells the classic vampire story of Vlad the Impaler. Though Taylor's take on the tale puts Vlad in the role of school janitor training the new guy. It was hilariously funny! Congrats to Adam Taylor!

We all made a night of it - check out the pics here!

Producer and co-director, "Kung Pow Wow" Alicia Arinella with NYC Firefighter, Jack Halaby.

"The Sexually" co-creator and writer, Jeff Lycett with "Kung Pow Wow" stars, Jessica Arinella and Matt Rashid

Producer, Julie Tortorici, Associate Producer, Melissa Jernigan and "Kung Pow Wow" star, Jessica Arinella laugh it up at the bar afterwards

Mark and Wayne of "I'm Sorry Melissa" join in at the screening

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