Friday, March 6, 2009

Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Being a first time filmmaker you would think that the hardest part would be getting your bearing on how a film set works, or how the equipment should be handled, or how to deal with the talent and the producers. But no. The hardest part about being a first time filmmaker for me is the waiting…waiting to find out if your film has gotten into that one festival that you so desperately want to be a part of.

Several weeks ago we shot my first short film, “Trevor’s Big Break.” I wrote it specifically with the Dogfish Head Off-Centered Film Festival in mind. I love beer and I love Dogfish Head so why not a film about my favorite beer if they just happen to have a film festival centered around beer?

Now that the movie is all done and submitted into the festival the only thing left to do is wait. Now I know how all those Academy Award nominated people must feel!

Is there a trip to Austin in my future? We will keep you posted.

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